FAQs about the Integration 2022 event

1. Registration

How can I register for the event?

You can register via a link published on the Integration 2022 event website after registration has been opened in autumn 2022.

When will registration end?

Registration for the event is open from 29 August to 17 October 2022.

Does it cost anything to participate in the event?

Participation in the event and meals included in the event are free of charge, but registration is binding due to catering reservations. Participants themselves pay for any accommodation in Tampere and their travel to Tampere.

What personal data are collected in conjunction with registration?

Details collected in conjunction with registration include the participant’s name, email, organisation and diet. We need these details for communication and organisation of the event.

Can I participate on only one day of the event?

We collect registration for the event on a day-specific basis, so you can participate on one day only. Please note that registration is binding. For instance, meals are reserved according to the number of people who have registered. However, do not register for both days to be on safe side, so there will be no wasted food if you decide to attend on one day only. The number of participants for the evening event is limited, so please book your own place quickly.

Can I take part in one sub-programme only?

We collect preliminary information about participation in sub-programmes on the basis of interest, but you can switch between sub-programmes relatively freely. Only division into working groups specific for sub-programmes will be made on the basis of registration for working groups.

Will I receive a confirmation of registration?

No separate confirmation of registration will be sent. We will send participants detailed information before the event, at the beginning of week 44.

2. Exhibiting

How can I become an exhibitor?

You can submit an application for exhibitor via a form link published on the Integration 2022 website. The link will be published in May 4, 2022. Use the form to explain why you wish to register your organisation/project as an exhibitor, and how you would present your activities in the exhibition.

We will select a maximum of 30 exhibitors from the applications.

When does the application for exhibitors end?

The application for exhibitors will end in May 25, 2022.

Why is the number of exhibitors limited?

It is necessary to limit the number of exhibitors at the event due to the resources and the size of the event venue. A small fee is charged for each exhibition space depending on size.

On what criteria are exhibitors selected?

We will select exhibitors on the basis of regional and content-related representability. We also emphasise the themes of the event (contents of sub-programmes and partnership) in the selection process.

Can I apply as an exhibitor together with another operator?

Yes, you can. We recommend joint applications where possible, so more operators can be presented.

What kind of an exhibition space can I erect?

At the exhibition space you can show videos, a PowerPoint presentation from your own device or be present live, in person. Please note that the event provides at most a chair, table and electricity at the exhibition space. You can also refer visitors to, for example, your website, publication or other material you have produced, or you can distribute material to participants.

We hope you take environmental impacts into account when procuring and producing material. We encourage everyone to prefer sustainable and environmentally friendly options.

3. Event venue

Where is the event organised?

Integration 2022 is organised at Tampere Hall in Tampere. The evening event of the first day is organised at Vapriikki in Tampere. Vapriikki only has room for the fastest people registering, but Tampere Hall has room for all participants.

How can I reach the venue?

You can reach Tampere by plane, train, bus or your own car.

Tampere Hall is an approximately 650-metre walk from the railway station and around 800 metres on foot from the bus station.

Tampere Hall’s own instructions for arrival (including parking if you arrive by your own car)

Vapriikki’s instructions for arrival

Public transport schedules and routes in Tampere, several bus routes stop in front of the University and at Tampere Hall.

Is it possible to go to a more peaceful space during the event?

The event has a more peaceful space that can be used for a moment of silence and prayer, for instance.

Is the event venue accessible?

Information about accessibility at Tampere Hall

Information about accessibility at Vapriikki

How are my dietary requirements taken into account during the event?

Information about dietary requirements is requested during the registration process. Details on dietary requirements are delivered to the kitchen at both venues and taken into account during the preparation of meals. Information about dietary requirements is subject to data protection, and both the organisers and venues process the information appropriately.

How is health-related safety taken into account during the event?

The event organisers will monitor the nationwide infectious disease situation and act in accordance with the venues’ and nationwide guidelines and protective measures. The event organisers will review the situation in summer 2022 and, if necessary, make decisions on postponing the dates of the event, transferring the event to an online environment / changing it into a hybrid event or restricting the number of participants. Any changes will be communicated on this website.

People who have registered for the event will be provided with information and instructions on safe participation in the event according to the situation around the time of the event, in late October 2022.

4. Event programme

What kind of programme will there be at the event?

The event programme consists of a shared programme and a programme divided into sub-programmes on a theme-specific basis. There are a total of five sub-programmes, and their themes will be published later on this website.

The event has a seminar-type programme, guided networking, and an activity-based         programme.

When will the programme be published?

We will publish the programme gradually in September–November on the event website at integration2022.fi and on the event organisers’ social media feeds.

Is the programme at the event only in Finnish?

We also organise a programme in Swedish and English.

Can I obtain materials presented at the event for myself after the event?

Unfortunately, we cannot promise beforehand that any materials will be distributed. Publication of event presentations and materials depends on whether we can obtain the speakers’ permission to publish them. Publication of any videos presented at the event depends on whether the videos meet the accessibility requirements and on whether persons who appear on the videos grant permission to publish them. If materials can be distributed, this will be communicated to the participants of the event after the event. Such materials will be primarily distributed through the Partnership Platform workspace established for the event.

Will the event be recorded?

The event will not be recorded, but the event programme can be partially transmitted in real time via a web link.

We will update the FAQs as necessary.