Frequently asked questions about the Integration 2020 event

1. Registration

How can I register for the event?

You can register for the Integration 2020 event using the Webropol form.

When does registration end?

Registration for the event is open from 30 September until 16 November 2020.

Is participation in the event subject to a charge?

The event is free of charge.

What personal information is collected in connection with registration?

The participant’s name, e-mail address and organisation are collected in connection with registration. We need the information for event communications and arrangements.

Can I only participate in one of the event days?

We collect registrations for the whole event, so you can participate according to your own schedule either on both days or just one.

Can I only participate in one programme band?

We collect preliminary information on participating in the programme bands, though you can switch quite freely between the bands. Only possible band-specific divisions into working groups are performed on the basis of band registrations.

Will I receive a confirmation about my registration?

We will not send a separate confirmation of registration. We will send participation instructions on 23 November 2020 at the latest.

2. Exhibitions

How can I become an exhibitor?

You can apply as an exhibitor using the Webropol form. In the form, you must state the grounds indicating why you wish to register your organisation/project as an exhibitor.

We will select a maximum of 30 exhibitors on the basis of applications.

When does the exhibitor application period end?

The exhibitor application period is open from 30 September to 23 October 2020.

Why is the number of exhibitors limited?

We have had to limit the number of exhibitors due to limited resources. In an online event, the exhibitor cannot set up a stand personally as this has to be done by the organiser. In addition, a small fee is charged for the exhibition space, which is paid by the organiser. This year, the organiser wants to offer the exhibition stand to exhibitors free of charge.

On what grounds are the exhibitors selected?

We select the exhibitors on the basis of their representativeness in terms of region and content. In addition, we emphasise the themes of the event (band content, partnership and inclusiveness).

Can I apply as an exhibitor together with another actor?

Yes. We recommend that you apply for the event together so that we can feature a larger number of actors.

What kind of exhibition stand can I set up online?

You can show video or a PowerPoint presentation at the exhibition stand or be present live. In addition, you can forward your visitors to your website, publication or other material you have produced.

3. Event platform

On what type of platform is the event organised?

We will arrange the event virtually on the Hopin platform. Learn about the Hopin platform in advance.

How do I participate on the event platform?

You can log in to the event platform through a link sent to you by e-mail. We will send the link and participation instructions by 23 November 2020 at the latest.

Is technical support available for use of the platform during the event?

Technical support is available during the event. You can also ask about technical problems through the event chat.

4. Event programme

What kind of programme is there for the event?

There are a total of five programme bands on the first day of the event. You can participate in only one band or switch between bands. Possible band working groups are created according to the band you have indicated as your primary choice upon registration. The programme is the same for all the participants on the second event day.

When is the programme published?

We will publish the programme gradually in October–November on the event website at and via the event organisers’ social media.

Is the event programme only arranged in Finnish?

We are also arranging the programme in Swedish and English.

Is it possible to receive event materials after the event?

Unfortunately, we cannot promise in advance that materials can be distributed. The release of the videos shown at the event depends on whether they fulfill accessibility requirements and whether a permit is obtained for publishing from the persons appearing on them. If materials are to be distributed, the event participants will be informed of this after the event.

We will update frequently asked questions until the beginning of the event.