Principles of safe space at Integration 2022

With these principles, the organizers of Integration 2022 commit to creating and maintaining a safe and respectful space for all attendees of this event. The principles of safe space aim to ensure that all attendees feel they can learn, share and grow during the event, and feel respected, appreciated and safe during their participation.

Safety requires cooperation. What we say and do affects the safety of others. Everyone has a personal responsibility to make the event safe and to read the principles of safe space before the event. The principles apply to both the physical spaces and the online spaces of the event. Each participant must refuse to accept practices that are discriminatory or involve harassment, and intervene if they notice any discrimination or harassment.

We ask that everyone consider the ways in which they participate in the discussions or use the shared space during the event. Be aware of your own role and the positive or negative effects your behaviour may have on other participants. Conversations on discrimination, marginalisation, exclusion and inhumane treatment affect people in different ways, and they may touch participants at different levels.

Integration 2022 does not tolerate any form of discrimination or harassment. We condemn all forms of discrimination based on skin colour, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexuality, disability, age and weight, or other characteristics of the individual or group. Ignorance or humour is not an excuse for inappropriate behaviour.

If you experience or notice discrimination, abuse and/or harassment in the Integration 2022 event, contact a designated harassment contact person. You will recognise the harassment contact person from a magenta badge. The harassment contact persons have been trained to assess the situation and act accordingly.

During the Integration 2022 event

  • Recognise your social status in relation to what is being discussed.
  • Respect people’s personal, physical and mental boundaries.
  • Be aware of the assumptions you make about another person’s nationality, race, ethnicity, culture, religion, sexual orientation, gender, health, social class or history, and avoid acting on the basis of such assumptions.
  • Do not ask intrusive, personal questions.
  • Be aware of how you take and use the space. If you have already taken several turns to speak, make sure that you give others an opportunity to participate. Ensure that you do not prevent anyone from seeing or hearing the presentations.
  • Do not touch anyone without their express consent.
  • If you take photos or videos, make sure that all people appearing in the photos and videos consent to it. Do not share photos or videos on social media without the express consent of the persons appearing on them.
  • Do not record whole sections of the event.
  • Do not repeat in your language use or actions any (positive or negative) stereotypes based on the assumptions you make about people.
  • You are responsible for your actions, behaviour and practices. Be aware that your actions have an impact on others, whatever your purpose.
  • When interacting with others, respect the speakers, organisers and members of the public.
  • You can give constructive feedback on inappropriate behaviour and/or language.
  • Be open to the feedback and constructive criticism you have received. Question any self-evident assumptions you notice yourself making.
  • If you hear, see or experience a situation where the principles of safe space are violated, please contact the designated harassment contact person with a low threshold.
  • If someone informs you, either directly or through a harassment contact person, that your actions have been inappropriate or violated these principles, our harassment contact person has been trained to discuss the matter further with you.

We know that when we are unlearning harmful behaviours, we all make mistakes. Everyone is responsible for changing their own behaviour. However, we do not need to make these changes alone. The harassment contact persons are on hand to help us throughout the event.